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2023 promises to be an exciting year. We have revamped the strategy, created a business plan, did scenario planning, and diligently prepared risk measures to help us prepare for and respond to risks.


All of this is all already very exciting to us, but as you probably have noticed when going through our blog posts, what really excites us is craftsmanship! All of the things we do from strategy to business planning, and from strategy maps to control loops we do to support and enable our craftsman.


This year we are going to do something which will help us move forward, not just by giving the craftsman more focus and clarity, but which helps us recruit the best fitting people in the first place. We are going to introduce, company wide, competency management. This means that every position will get a competency catalog which enables and secures:


•    Alignment to the strategy though our core competencies.

•    Intent-based leadership through our leadership competencies.

•    Alignment between set processes (and process targets) and behaviors that enable success through professional/technical competencies.

Our competencies are based on 3 distinct levels which are:

•    Junior level; people have the ability to execute based on instruction.

•    Medior level; people can execute independently, solve problems, and handle exceptions.

•    Senior level; people can develop and improve processes, structures, standards, and facilities.


Competencies are connected to activities and describe desired behaviors which will enable practitioners to achieve set targets and execute, trouble-shoot, and develop processes which are needed to serve our strategy.


Competencies are specified in a very practical manner so in a single observation its possible to see at which level the practitioner is functioning. In support of this the performance assessment will also be updated. Also here we have exciting news, as we are designing the processes to be as bias-free as possible by designing red teaming features into the standard process.


Kirk out!

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