A craftsman's tale

A story about the journey towards craftsmanship.

Craftsmanship is at the basis of who we are at ONP-Vietnam. Craftsmanship drives the things we do and the results we achieve. As we stand for operational excellence we take craftsmanship very seriously. Operational excellence means that we go for quality, but strive to offer this quality for the best possible price. Craftsmanship helps with achieving quality, but also with reducing costs without compromising set quality levels.



Everything starts with a goal, and in our case the goal is set based on the voice of our customer. The voice of the customer echo’s through in the way we design and setup our processes. Neither the goal nor the processes that lead to the goal are a substitutes for thinking. On the contrary, the goals and standards we develop are the foundation for continuous improvement.




The path to craftsmanship is one of practice and understanding. The path starts at combining passion with aptitude, and developing the ability to be successful. This means hard work, honing skills, discovering new things, applying critical thinking and growing along the way.




The principles for craftsmanship so happen to coincide with our core values:


Ownership and responsibility; We are the owners of our competencies, processes, machines and the material we utilize, and we are responsible and accountable for execution and results.


Finding and solving problems; We are continuously looking how to improve our competencies, processes, machines and the materials we are working  with. This automatically means that self-reflection, going to Gemba and a result based-pride are important points of focus.


Learning; In order to continuously improve our craftsmanship we need to constantly learn.


Integrity; To us this means doing the best thing, instead of doing the easy thing.




Competence is a combination of knowledge, skill, and attitude, and can be seen in the observable behavior of the craftsmen and the products they create.