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Discovering the effects of our behavior on others and the organization.

Story category: Ethics

Story tags: Red teaming, Pre-mortem

People have the tendency to self-optimize, self-optimization is as natural as breathing. Even when people are aware that self-optimization will almost always lead to sub-optimization of another function, it still occurs.


Self-optimization at the expense of others is in our book unethical. Therefore we have taken up the following article in ethics code:


“I Know and understand that the actions I take, or do not take, involve and affect other people and the result of the company.”


Armed with the following idea managers went over the way they do things and the processes they have created: “Your strategy is not what you say it is, but it is what you actually do”.


After the exercise was done one word popped-up several times: “Silo”.


This exercise provided a great insight regarding that self-optimization does happen, and in some cases its encouraged through targets and indicators.


…to be continued.

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