Red teaming – new customers and new products

Guaranteeing success for both the customer as well as for ONP-Vietnam.

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Traditionally we have been producing a standard portfolio of products. This has allowed us to really optimize our processes and squeeze out any form of waste.


Recently we got the chance to produce a new and unique product for a well respected customer. To make sure we got this right the first time, we used our Red teaming capability to test our plans before bringing them into actual operation.


We used a tool called Pre-mortem. A Post-mortem is an examination in which a doctor establishes the cause of death after a person is deceased of unknown reasons. As we do not want to wait until things are done and review our mistakes, we do something calls a Pre-mortem; the opposite of a Post-mortem. In a Pre-mortem we imagine ourselves to be in the future, our plan has failed, and we have to write a history of that failure.


To do this in a structured way we use a Fishbone diagram. The fishbone diagram was setup with four categories: 1) resources, 2) processes, 3) culture and 4) strategy.


The brainstorming part was setup by using a technique called Think/Write/Share, a liberating structure that helps to give everybody a voice and prevent the effects of groupthink.


The results were amazing, not just the new insights we got, which helped us with preparation, but also the amazing diversity of ideas that came out due the Think/Write/Share exercise.

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