An expert’s tale

The story of our experts, and their journey to expertise.

Experts drive execution of the Whirlwind and of the Wildly Important Goals (WIGs) through their expertise. Experts enable the daily job of the factory by making sure that all of the craftsmen needs have been taken care off; from material being available just in time, to the availability of capable machines, and from engineering support, to HR services. In Operational excellence, quality and price are important, which is why we place a very strong emphasis on lean principles. Experts get things done, based on carefully crafted plans, or improvised when needed.




The experts are there to support the craftsmen in their quest to bring the industry’s best products for competitive prices; key words are seamless, effortless, and efficient. A seamless and effortless experience for the craftsman, who are enabled in an optimum way, to excel and deliver. Efficient means that the inputs to the processes of the craftsman are provided at the lowest possible cost, just in time, and at excellent quality levels.




The Expert path is characterized by knowledge, skill, and dependable execution. As the Expert is the office version of a craftsman (and the other way around), the path of the Expert starts with combining passion with aptitude, and developing the ability to be successful. This means hard work, honing skills, discovering new things, applying critical thinking and growing along the way.




The principles for great expertship (yes, we had to make up a new word to cover this concept) are derived from our values:


Ownership and responsibility; We are the owners of our whirlwind issues, our WIGs, and our targets that are part of the scoreboard.


Finding and solving problems; We are continuously looking how to improve the competencies of ourselves and to create seamless and effortless experiences for the craftsmen we strive to enable.


Learning; In order to continuously improve our expertise we need to learn at every opportunity we get.


Integrity; This means doing the best thing instead of doing the easy thing.




Competence is a combination of knowledge, skill and attitude, and can be seen in the observable behavior that we display without pause.