ONP - Vietnam

We are an American organization located in the heart of South-East Asia.

We create wooden components for the kitchen industry.

At ONP-Vietnam we foster a culture that combines passion and ability, and we find this is to be the recipe for true craftsmanship.

A combination between brains, hearts and hands. A combination between East and West. A combination between strategy and execution.

Mission, vision & values

The DNA of ONP-Vietnam
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Execution Premium Process

The solution to communicate and align
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Discover and share insights
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Red Teaming

Testing our assumptions and plans
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Ethics starts with me

How a better world starts with me
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Lean manufacturing philosophy and concepts
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Power to the people

For ONP-Vietnam the first principle is to put people in control of the company, instead putting the company in control of its people; enabling people in a well designed organization geared towards action, instead of creating a permission-based organization.


We put decision making power on the lowest possible level; we want decision makers and problem solvers on all levels of the organization.


To do this we truly invest in our people.

Training our people

Craftsmanship and expertise
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Developing our culture

Shared values that connect us all
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Book reading

Elevating our minds one page at a time
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Celebrating our people

Celebrate life and important moments
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