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Written by Administrator   
Monday, 28 January 2013 04:32

ONP-Vietnam was established in 2010 and specializes in manufacturing wood products for export.  ONP-Vietnam can assist you in all your manufacturing needs.  From design, to manufacture, to export, ONP-Vietnam has trained professionals to carry out the most demanding project.   In addition to customer specific products, we also offer a complete like of wooden kitchen cabinet accessories, as well as home décor, accessories, and pet furniture.

Located in Tam Phuoc industrial part, Dong Nai province, ONP-Vietnam is a wholly owned, US company with 8,000 square meters of manufacturing space, 300 production workers and 40 qualified staff.  Our capacity is up to fifty containers per month, and yearly turnover in excess of $5,000,000.  Our qualified people and our modern machinery ensure that we can deliver the best in designs, with the highest quality, at affordable prices.  We also offer an experienced logistics team, so that your shipment will arrive on time, with a minimum of cost.  Since opening our doors in 2010, we have continuously increased output and improved quality, making ONP-Vietnam a top producer of wood products. For a full overview of our company and products, please visit our website at”.

ONP-Vietnam manufactures solid wood products using, Acacia, Maple, Poplar, and Pine.  And manufactures products out of composite materials, including plywood, MDF, and particleboard.


ONP-Vietnam makes products and accessories for the kitchen industry; including shelves, pantry units, moldings and cabinet accessories.  ONP-Vietnam also makes a variety of home décor products including shoe racks, shelving units, hardwood moldings and trims, pet furniture, and offers a full line of ventilation and range hoods, as well as pet furniture.  By using a modern production process, skillful and experienced workmen, a strict quality control system, and environmental friendly chemicals, we are completely confident to offer you the best quality of wooden furniture.


At ONP-Vietnam, our goal is, "TOP QUALITY, CUSTOMER PRIORITY."  We do this by providing customers a wide range of furnishing solutions, with products and enriching designs, inspired by nature.   ONP-Vietnam offers quality products and services, at favorable prices, and optimum benefits for the customer. We pay close attention to popular trends and the latest changes of the furniture market, to assure the development of innovative, novel and ergonomic furniture for our customers. Our steady cooperation with material suppliers and transport companies make our prices stable, competitive and make our shipments punctual.

We continuously create new designs, with improved quality, to meet customer’s expectations. Moreover, we also seek and develop novel ways that fully utilize the unique properties of the materials, to create innovative high quality and environment friendly products.


We provide products to France, Korea, Japan, and the United States, with plans to expand into the local market as well as additional European and Asian markets.

Machine capability

We have all the machinery needed to produce your product, including;

CNC routers                                           : 5 units

Band saw machines                                : 3 units

Multi-Spindle boring machines                   : 7 units

Arm saws                                              : 4 units

Wide belt sanding machines                     : 2 units

4 head and six head Moulders                  : 2 units

Pin routers                                            : 4 units

Planners                                               : 2 units

Panel saw                                             : 1 unit

Gang rip saws                                       : 2 units

Clamp carrier                                         : 1 unit

Spindle shaper  s                                  : 2 units

Finger joint machine                              : 1 unit

Spindle sanding machine                        : 4 units

Edge sanding machine                           : 2 units

Automatic copy-shaper                          : 1 unit


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