A leader’s tale

The story of our leaders and their journey to “managementship” and “leadership”.

Leadership drives execution of the Whirlwind and of the Wildly Important Goals (WIGs) that are connected to implementation of the strategy at ONP-Vietnam. Leadership enables daily jobs and drives the future. As we stand for operational excellence we take managing daily operations, as well as developing new capabilities, very seriously. Operational excellence means that we go for quality, but strive to offer this quality for the best possible price. Leadership helps to provide and optimize the resources, processes, and culture needed to deliver quality now, but also by making sure we are ready to deal with the challenges of the future.




The goal is leading, and leadership takes a proactive role in developing and translating  the voice of the customer into the organization; securing resources, processes, and priorities.




The path to leadership is one of experience, understanding, and overview. The path starts with becoming a craftsman or expert, and from that foundation leadership skills are developed, refined, and optimized. This means starting on the shop floor or in the office, doing the work, asking the questions. Discovering what the mission, vision, and values look like when translated into daily work, and the importance of successfully managing the friction between the whirlwind and WIGs.




The principles for great leadership, based on our values:


Ownership and responsibility; We are the owners of our whirlwind issues, our WIGs, and our scoreboards.


Finding and solving problems; We are continuously looking how to improve the competencies of ourselves and of the people within our control loop.


Learning; In order to continuously improve our leadership we need to constantly learn.


Integrity; To us this means doing the best thing instead of doing the easy thing.




Competence is a combination of knowledge, skill and attitude, and can be seen in the observable behavior of the leader and the teams and culture they create.