Mission, vision & values

Mission, vision & values

The Mission shows our purpose and why it’s important that we exist as an organization.

The Vision shows the stretch goals that we have set for ourselves, a time frame in which we will achieve those stretch goals, and a clearly defined niche that provides us with focus.

The Values that we use show the things that are important to us, we use as decision making criteria, and which inspire our culture.

(+) The Mission
The mission of ONP Vietnam is to make mass produced products at a competitive price and quality, so that ONP US can offer a full variety of products to customers, while maintaining profitability.

(+) The Vision

Within 2022 the goals is alignment between departments through process and organizational design, craftsman training, expert training, leadership training, and implementing the supply chain strategy 2022.

(+) The Values 
Finding & solving problems
Ownership & responsibility

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