Ambassador Session – Integrity

Discovering the meaning of the value “Integrity”.

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Our definition


Integrity; adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.


Question: What does integrity mean to you?


To this question the most common answer was that it has to do with promising something, doing what you promised and honestly stating your mistakes that you have made.


Integrity is an important value in choosing our actions, especially when it matters:


Doing the right thing instead of doing the easy thing.


Standing up and saying when you see something is wrong is part of integrity.


Allowing others the space to stand up and say what’s right.


How does integrity support the other values?


Integrity is the main value of the values we have in the company. It supports “finding and solving problems” and “ownership and responsibility” by helping us to do the right thing.


What do we need to help integrity:


Lead by example; that means that leadership has to show integrity and from there it is spread over the whole company.


Reward honesty; create an environment where integrity is rewarded, not punished through social pressure.


Have clear rules; ethics, standards, etc.


Making it hard not to have integrity; making decision making, processes, standards, etc transparent.

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