Ambassador Session – Finding & Solving Problems

Discovering the meaning of the value “Finding and solving problems”.

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Today we have talked about the value “finding & solving problems”. All members shared their ideas and experiences. We have come to the following summary of things we need to develop, do, and make our habit to make the value become our culture:


Goals, targets, and standards; to know what is expected of us, what we should do, so that we can clearly see when things are not right.


Processes; documented processes that are updated frequently (for example: after a problem has occurred and a solution is found we update the documented processes). Often without realizing it we change processes over time; we change small things, we eliminate steps, we change the sequence, etc.


Revisit; We should from time to time go back and see if we are doing the right things; refresh!


Knowledge; the right knowledge to understand the materials, processes, machines, and defects.


Time and resources; the time and resources to solve problems, as without time and resources we put things to the side to quickly replace the defective item. This means also a good escalation system, where we can work on problems while being coached, and when we cannot solve it at our level we can escalate it up while keep being involved in the solution and implementation.


Self-reflection; not to have as first reaction to blame others, but to start looking at ourselves first and see what we can do better.


We the people want:

  • Clear goals and targets
  • Documented processes
  • Training
  • Time and resources to solve problems
  • Look at ourselves and not blame others, as a better world starts with yourself
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