The element, by Ken Robinson

The element in 8 powerful points, by Ken Robinson

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1. Do not place people into boxes; people are diverse and so is intelligence.


2. Creativity is where talents is born; open your mind beyond the logical, linear and analytical, and tap into the intuitive and unconscious mind and feeling.


3. Find the right spot to be “in the Zone”; when passion and ability meet people get sucked into the zone, where time does not exist, stress does not exist, life seems to pause and the world seems to fade away.


4. Find your tribe; find the right people to connect with that create synergy with your element, that provoke it to come out and help to further develop your element.


5. Swimming against the tide; ignore conventions and follow your heart.


6. Luck has nothing to do with it; its all about attitude, beliefs and perseverance.


7. Seek mentors and coaches; find a mentor that helps you achieve your element.


8. The value of experiential learning; learn by doing, experimenting, failing, succeeding and discovering.

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